Fave Five Friday: Healthy Holiday Appetizers

So I’m sure that the parties are beginning, and the gatherings, the festivities, the outings, the innings! If you are having people over this Christmas season, why not change the pace a little and make a smorgasbord of healthy appetizers! At parties you commonly see these items, and it’s easy to grab one, two, or five, and then you lose track. Unfortunately most of these are deep fried, full of fat, and actually pretty heavy for just a little appetizer. So here are some I’ve found out in the blogosphere that won’t bust the belt loop!

1. Avocado & Chipotle Deviled Eggs from Healthy Food For Living 

photo via Healthy Food For Living

Mmm.. deviled eggs, they just remind me of parties! These are a great healthy alternative to traditional deviled eggs which are often made with mayonnaise as the egg yolks are replaced with avocado which adds in a dose of healthy fats, and Greek yogurt, upping the protein even more! The calories are still kept relatively close to how many calories are in a typical boiled egg at only 90 calories for two halves! The flavor combinations also sound divine! A must try!


2. Chicken Satay Skewers from Dishing Up Delights

photo via Dishing Up Delights

Satay skewers are always a pleaser at parties because they are easy to grab and gobble up, they don’t require utensils and they are fun to eat off the little stick! This version is great because it is super easy and lighter! The marinade for the satay skewers is not loaded with sugar like most are, and the peanut satay sauce uses a little agave nectar as a sweetener! A sure crowd pleaser! :)


3. Gluten Free Pine Nut Stuffed Mushrooms from The Healthy Apple 

photo via The Healthy Apple

This is a great take on stuffed mushroom caps which are always seen in a party smorgasbord! These mushroom caps are gluten free and vegan! Say what?! No cheese, in stuffed mushroom caps?! Yep, instead they are stuffed with delicious and healthy ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, pine nuts, and salsa! These I HAVE got to try!

4. Baked Mozzarella Sticks from Healthy Recipes 

photo via Healthy Recipes

Oh mozzarella sticks, a true indulgence. Warm, crunchy, breaded outside, and ooey gooey cheesy inside… just dripping with calories. Yes, they are delicious, I will admit that, but they aint’ good for the figure! This recipe is a healthy take on mozzarella sticks that uses whole wheat bread crumbs and whole wheat flour with spices for breading, filled with partly skimmed mozzarella cheese, then baked instead of fried! At 64 calories and 1.8g of saturated fat per stick they are a lighter option than the fried version which are closer to 100 calories and a whopping 5g of saturated fat per stick!!


5. Secretly Healthy Spinach Dip from Lindsay Isham 

photo via Lindsay Isham

Spinach Dip is always a party staple – and it is super addictive… it’s hard to have just one, or a few dips into this scrumptious appy! This healthified version of spinach dip uses reduced fat cottage cheese blended with frozen spinach and water chestnuts to give the dip a creamy and rich texture without all the fat! Very clever! Cottage cheese is also a great source of protein so it definitely has a one-up on the traditional dip which is usually made with full fat mayonnaise and sour cream!


I hope you have enjoyed today’s Fave Five and that you will try making one or all of these for your next holiday gathering! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



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