• Lightened Up Creamy Cucumber Kale Salad
  • Vegan Double Chocolate Protein Fudge
  • Let’s Talk Stress with Natural Vitality’s FREE “24 Hours of CALM” E-Guide
  • Healthy Cocoa Rice Crispy Squares

Lightened Up Creamy Cucumber Kale Salad

Lightened Up Creamy Cucumber and Kale Salad via Nutritionist in the KitchHappy Sunday! Man, I love weekends!

Correction: I love SUMMER weekends! This weekend my Hubster and I went to Jasper (for the second weekend in a row actually!) to enjoy in the splendour that is The Rocky Mountains! We chose to camp this weekend, and although a little chilly at night, it’s been splendid…. 

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Vegan Double Chocolate Protein Fudge via Nutritionist in the Kitch

Vegan Double Chocolate Protein Fudge

It’s been too long since I’ve made a new fudge recipe, much too long. Fudge, healthy fudge for that matter, should really be a monthly thing. Don’t you agree?? In the past I’ve made peach fudge, pumpkin fudge, gingerbread fudge, Eatmore fudge, even chocolate orange fudge…I’m a pretty big fudge fan to say the least…. 

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Natural Vitality 24-Hours Of Calm FREE Guide via Nutritionist in the Kitch

Let’s Talk Stress with Natural Vitality’s FREE “24 Hours of CALM” E-Guide

Things are going to get a little deep up in here today. I’m going to share some things that are maybe a bit more personal than I’d usually put out there on the blog but because the theme of today’s post reaches me on a very personal level and because I think it just might reach some… 

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Healthy Cocoa Rice Crispy Squares

When life gives you One Degree Organic Foods Sprouted Brown Rice Cocoa Crisps…. you make…. sprouted brown rice cocoa crispy SQUARES!  I am L O V I N G my SPUD delivery service. Seriously I’ve actually cut down on my grocery bill and spend way less time doing my grocery shopping and don’t buy on… 

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Nutritionist in the Kitch Client Success Stories - Stacey Before & After

An NITK Client Success Story // Stacey & Randy – Gaining Energy & Getting Strong

It’s time for another awesome NITK Client Success Story! I’ve had such a great time working with this couple -Stacey and Randy, and am very happy they’ve allowed me to share their story! Couples are always fun to work with as I love watching when two people who love each other decide to reach goals… 

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3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes With Roasted Berry Rhubarb Compote

It’s S U N D A Y ! A perfect day for pancakes…am I right?! I’ve got one amazing recipe for the simplest 3-ingredient sweet potato pancakes topped with a delicious, fresh, sweet, and tart roasted berry rhubarb compote. Yep. That’s a whole lot of tastiness on one plate! This past week in my weekly SPUD… 

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NITK's Fave Energy Bars Balls + Bites via Nutritonist in the Kitch

NITK’s Favourite Energy Bars Balls + Bites

Wow, it’s pretty crazy how many recipes I’ve managed to compile over the last few years… they sure do add up! So I was perusing my recipes list and noticed how many yummy Energy Snack recipes there are! I’ve always loved coming up with these recipes in particular because they are simple, quick, portable, and always… 

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Healthy Dairy Free S'more Ice Cream via Nutritionist in the Kitch

Healthy Dairy Free S’more Ice Cream + My First Vid!

I’ve been Summer dreaming a lot lately. I know, it’s only April, and Summer truly doesn’t make its way to YEG until the end of JUNE… seriously… but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream! A sweet breeze whipping through my hair as I drive, arm hanging out the car window…..lying in the back yard, eyes… 

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Pear & Almond Butter Muesli Snack Stacks

Pear & Almond Butter Muesli Snack Stacks

I used to think that peanut butter was the cats meow, I would eat it shamelessly right out of the jar, with a spoon, or even a fork if all the spoons were in the dishwasher. Then, I met Mr. Almond Butter and everything changed. Although PB was my first love, I’ve grown, I’ve changed,… 

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An NITK Client Success Story // The Brayer’s

I’m excited to start a new series of posts that I will be publishing a couple times a month on the blog to highlight some of my amazing clients and their success stories! As a Nutritionist I see many people who have different health goals or concerns and it is so rewarding to be able… 

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Sautéed Vegetables & Grilled Chicken Thighs with Coconut Almond Kaffir Lime Cream

I admit it, I made an audible squeal at the grocery store when I saw the kaffir lime leaf the other week. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to find this amazing ingredient at any of my local grocery stores so I was thrilled to say the least! Is it odd that food excites me to point… 

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