Maui Munchin’ Part 1

Maui Munchin' Part 1 via Nutritionist in the Kitch

Oh Maui… you’re a beaut…with your golden beaches, bright sunshine, turquoise blue water, cute turtles and striped fishies, and oh my those Acai bowls… you have my heart. 

Maui Munchin' Part 1 via Nutritionist in the Kitch

We’ve been in Maui for almost a week now and have been enjoying it fully! I had the chance to scuba-dive for the first time ever which was an awesome (and slightly freaky!) experience, and I’ve snorkelled my heart out every day swimming with the Maui sea turtles … the coolest thing ever! 

Maui Munchin' Part 1 via Nutritionist in the Kitch

On our first day in Maui the Hubby and I made a stop at Whole Foods and Costco to stock up on healthy eats! Every time we travel we go the vacation rental route so that we have our own kitchen. We love to cook our own food and dine out a couple of times on our holidays to stay healthier and of course save some moola as dining out every day can get pretty pricey so this really gives us the best of both worlds!

At Whole Foods we also took advantage of their amazing deli and grabbed lunch, pictured above. I went with peppered sirloin, apple and fennel slaw, and green beans almondine! Delish! … 

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NITK Reviews: Calmful Balance Guide by Natural Vitality - get your free copy of this amazing guide and bring balance back into your life!

NITK Reviews: Calmful Balance Guide from Natural Vitality (get your own free copy too!)

Ah, we are having a fantastic time in Hawaii and while I’m relaxing on the beach I’m so excited to be sharing this with you today! If you are a regular Nutritionist in the Kitch reader you already know that I’m an advocate for keeping the balance. Balance in eating, exercise, and life in general (hence why… 

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Massaged Kale & Lox Nicoise Salad via Nutritionist in the Kitch

Massaged Red Kale & Lox Nicoise Salad

Today we are off to Hawaii!! I can’t wait to get my toes in the sand! The hubby and I have some fun things planned for our trip that I’m excited to share with you along the way! I’ll be doing travel posts intermittently for the next couple weeks and there will be lots of… 

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Simple Muesli Breakfast (Revamped) via Nutritionist in the Kitch // an easy, healthy, vegan breakfast bowl that will keep you fuelled for hours! //

Simple Muesli Breakfast (Revamped)

Today’s post makes me smile because it reminds me of the progress NITK has made over the years. The Simple Muesli Breakfast was actually one of the first recipes I posted on the blog. It makes me cringe a little to look at my photography way back when, but it also makes me happy to… 

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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate via Nutritionist in the Kitch (yes, there are health benefits!)

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and this week I’ve been totally on my game – a Valentine’s Smoothie, some Valentine’s Waffles, and today’s little tidbit on my kryptonite…Dark Chocolate. Would you believe that I’m not even a big Valentine’s Day fan?! The Hubs and I always get each other a card and a little gift but it’s… 

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Healthy Red Velvet Waffles with Coconut Whipped Cream via Nutritionist in the Kitch! // Vegan, gluten free, super delicious, and still healthy - the perfect Valentine's Day breakfast-in-bed! //

Red Velvet Waffles with Coconut Whipped Cream

Recently I was asked to apply to become an Expert Among Us for She Knows! My application was accepted and I’m thrilled to begin posting over on She Knows every once in a while! My first post for She Knows is for Valentine’s Day! I decided to go with an indulgent recipe that is surprisingly healthy! Since I’ve… 

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Sweet Beet Valentine's Smoothie via Nutritionist in the Kitch // A delicious Beet & Berry smoothie full of antioxidants and topped with dark chocolate shavings! What's not to love?? //

Sweet Beet Valentine’s Smoothie

Pow! That’s some bright smoothie if you ask me! I L O V E bright colours in my food (au natural of course)! Ah, yes, as a Nutritionist there are some things that make me really, really happy; the “crisp” of an apple when taking a big bite, all the colours of the rainbow in a… 

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Canteen Inspired "Broccomole" Dip via Nutritionist in the Kitch // a Delicious and lower calorie version of a classic, Gluacamole - made with non other than broccoli! //

Canteen Inspired “Broccomole” Dip

“What the heck is broccomole?!” were the exact words that came out of my mouth as I was reading the brunch menu of a restaurant I went to recently with some friends. It’s a neat little place in Edmonton called Canteen and their brunch is delicious to say the least. I ordered the “Smoked Sablefish, Fontina… 

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Super Chia Muesli Breakfast Bowl from Nutritionist in the Kitch - Keep those New Years Resolutions going strong with this cleansing, healthy, delicious breakfast!

Game Day Game Plan: Super Chia Muesli Breakfast Bowl

I am super-duper excited to be guest posting today over at Brit + Co! I’ve been a big Brit+Co fan for a while now and I’m honoured to be sharing my Game Day Game Plan Breakfast: Super Chia Muesli Breakfast Bowl recipe in honour of Superbowl Sunday! Pop on over to Brit + Co to check out… 

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Avo-Chicken Salad Bell Pepper Boats via Nutritionist in the Kitch

Avo-Chicken Salad Bell Pepper Boats

What do you do when you have only 5 minutes to make lunch and have leftover chicken breast in the fridge?? You make Bell Pepper Boats stuffed with Avocado Chicken Salad! Or… Avo Chicken Salad Bell Pepper Boats! I was rushing out the door the other day to get to work for my first client and… 

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Nutty Quinoa Porridge and an AlterEco + NITK Digestion Reset Guide Giveaway via Nutritionist in the Kitch // Enter the Giveaway today! //

Nutty Quinoa Porridge and an Alter Eco + NITK Digestion Reset Guide Giveaway!!

I am so glad you are reading this right now.  So. Very. Glad. Why? Because today’s post is a must-not-miss-post-of-epic-proportions!! I am doing three things in today’s post! 1. Sharing an über delicious, healthy, get-in-yo-belly recipe. 2. Hosting a giveaway with the fantastic Alter Eco brand 3. Releasing my first guide in the NITK GUIDES… 

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