Jul 242014


I asked, and you told me... one of the foods that screams “summer” for you is… WATERMELON!

Agreed.. I mean who do you find slicing up a watermelon in the dead of winter?!

Watermelon is DELICIOUS, and of course, good for you! It’s packed with vitamin C, making it a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and because it’s, as the name suggests, FULL of WATER, it’s also a natural diuretic and helps cleanse the body!

All that health business aside…it’s just yummy to munch on and perfect for a hot summer day!

I was brainstorming ideas on how to use watermelon in a recipe that was maybe a little unlikely… I’ve used it in salads, and in a smoothie, and thought to myself…“could it work in an ice cream?!”.

To the drawing board I went… aka… the Vitamix, lol.

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