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Oh, how I love thee Summer. We’ve really been blessed with some amazing weather here in the prairies and I’m enjoying it thoroughly! 

I’ve also been spending tons of time in our new kitchen at home cooking and preparing delicious Summer inspired recipes and these next 10 are on my M U S T – T R Y list! 

Have a looky-loo at these and let me know which ones you will add to your must-try list! 

1. I’ve been dairy free since January now, and I am thinking it might be time to try introducing it into my diet again… this Strawberry Caprese Salad might just have to be the recipe to do it with!! Oh..mmm…geeee….this looks amazing! 

2. These Chipotle Turkey Guacamole Burgers in a lettuce “bun” look incredibly mouthwatering and fit the bill for a little low-carb dinner! 

3. Whoa, the colours, the beautiful, vibrant colours in this amazing Rad Rainbow Raw Pad Thai salad are the selling point for me! 

4. I’m always a fan of simple and this summer salad looks simple as can be! Perfection with the grilled corn and shrimp skewers! Yes please!

5. We aren’t camping a ton this summer, but the next chance I have around a campfire I’m going to cook up something delicious – like this foil packet meal that makes my mouth water!! 

6. Speaking of camping… did someone say Healthy Smores?!

7. Next summer my plan is to get a little… very little garden going in my yard (I’m worried I couldn’t manage a big one!) and I want to grow swiss chard.. and then make these wraps but use swiss chard instead of cabbage! 

8. Oh, and W H O doesn’t love sangria?? Especially skinny sangria! ;) 

9. Zucchini… also known as summer squash is one of my absolute faves… which leads me to this must-try recipe for Mediterranean Zucchini Sticks

10. Replace the Nutella with natural peanut or almond butter and the plain flour with whole grain flour and woweeee… gimme this summer berry pizza P R E T T Y  P L E A S E! 


That’s my list folks! Hope you enjoy it! 

Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for another delicious and healthy recipe coming to you later this week! 



Nutritionist in the Kitch 

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watermelon coconut ice cream - vegan, gf, and no ice cream machine needed!

I asked, and you told me… one of the foods that screams “summer” for you is… WATERMELON! Agreed.. I mean who do you find slicing up a watermelon in the dead of winter?! Watermelon is DELICIOUS, and of course, good for you! It’s packed with vitamin C, making it a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and [keep reading...]

Jul 162014
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date & carob frozen fudge & a plant-based diet for dummies book giveaway!

Fudge. Drool. They go hand in hand don’t they?? How can you think of rich, decadent, delicious fudge, and not drool… just a little? This “drool worthy” fudge recipe comes from a VERY cool book that was sent to me by the lovely Marni Wasserman. Her new book, Plant-Based Diet for Dummies is nothing short [keep reading...]

Jul 092014
the simplest & incredibly delicious slow cooker chicken in the world!

How is it Wednesday already?! Geez, these summer days are just-a-flyin’ by! We’ve been busy, busy, busy with things so far this summer and I’ve also been trying to keep my eating on track as we are heading down to Seattle for a vacation in August, and well, I want to be in good bikini [keep reading...]

Jul 022014
sweet chilli garlic shrimp & quinoa grill packets (great for camping!)

I just had the best 4 days in a row off work! It was wonderful – I went with my hubby to his 10 year high-school reunion (we are gettin’ old!!), visited with the in-laws, golfed, baked in the sun at a local pool, and watched the fireworks for Canada Day! 4 day weekends are [keep reading...]